The software development world has evolved a lot and very fast, making it difficult to reduce costs, time to market and guarantee the quality of the products being developed.

Most of us question if it is possible to increase quality while lowering costs? Or if it is really posible to optimize time in a project in which requirements change constantly?

The answer is YES!

Obviously it cannot be done in the  traditional way, performing only manual testing, or taking the crazy route and not testing anything. It is time for you to stop doing things the old way and jump on the Agile and automatic testing bandwagon. The era of the “BugBusters” is Here.

La Era de los BugBusters

These new style testers come loaded with a very powerful tool, ready to find any defect, failure or incident in your development or process quickly and efficiently.

What tool is that, you ask?  It is TAST (Test Automation System Tool).

Nobody disputes that manual tests are used to detect failures, however, they are time consuming and costly. With TAST you can carry out a large number of tests in a short period of time,  available 24/7 even when the bugbusters take a break Tast can continue testing unattended and in parallel!  With different teams you increase your capacity even more. Discover the advantages of automating tests, of using a service like TAST and turn your quality team into a team of “bugbusters”.TAST

If you have changed your development methodology to Agile, if you use DevOps,  then you are only missing TAST.



Automated testing is vital, allowing quick responses tailored to the demands of the  business. Automated testing can detect regression, integration, functional failures, etc. Early detection allows you to stop the process of deploying to production in a timely manner if something is not correct, thus, guaranteeing that the quality standards are met 100% whilst controlling costs.

Another advantage to highlight is that automated testing multiples the capacity of the bugbuster teams exponentially. By minimizing the number of manual test run, the teams are much more efficient and productive, obtaining high profitability throughout the process.

Furthermore, TAST is a unique tool that gives coverage to the entire testing process. It manages automation for web, GUI, Excel and is continuously updated, in an effort to adapt to all user needs. It integrates with any task registration tool, evidence documentation, tests and other tools.

Diagrama UML


TAST has a friendly, intuitive interface and you will not need to invest a great deal of  time in training your team to use it, since this tool has a very short learning curve and  can be used by any professional without the need to have expert programming knowledge. Working knowledge of  UML diagrams and a bit of logic and your team is able to use TAST without any problems, quickly becoming real BugBusters.

I dare you? Join the world of the BugBuster. Join TAST.

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