TAST, automation of the testing process

Save time and money without sacrificing quality in your test process

What is TAST?

TAST (Test Automation System Tool) is the software solution developed by SIPSA to automate the testing process simply and efficiently. It is a complete Framework for the Definition, Planning and Execution of tests, which aims to cover all the technological platforms in use (Web Services, Application Servers, Mobile Services, Mainframe, API’s, etc).
The success of automation lies in controlling test activities. TAST has been analysed, designed, developed, implemented, and its evolution is based on the use of agile methods such as Scrum and DevOps.

Test automation is the solution to increase productivity in software development projects, that is, to do more with less effort. That is why we have opted for a Modular Test System adapted to the System Under Test (SUT) and based on the concept of models that benefit Test Managers.

Why automate testing?

It is no longer enough to detect changes and stabilize software, it is essential to validate the quality of the system and this is achieved through testing. The more tests realized the better the result of our software, and thanks to automation we can increase the number of tests carried out, increasing productivity, and reducing costs.

Increase your productivity

TAST allows the testing process to be carried out independently of the tester, achieving a quality product using less time to carry it out. In addition, once the test workflows have been created, these can be reused and reduces the need to recreate them.

Reduce costs

With TAST, being oriented to business flows, it enables the testing process to be reduced and simplified thanks to automation, thereby reducing programming, execution, and maintenance costs.

The Methodology

Testing Process

Management The testing process is configured as a step within the overall process of software development and must be managed throughout the Project. The milestones that must be defined and managed are: SUT Requirements; System Implementation Plan; Test plan; Test environments.

Modelling. It allows us to standardize the definition of test cases, eliminating the dependency between the definition and execution of the test. Test cases are defined using UML Sequence Diagrams. It provides a standard interface for Test Design and with the SUT.

Testing System. Each SUT provides us with an access interface and a standard protocol to communicate with it. The key is to identify the different functionalities to test, isolate them or group them logically. Thus, we identify the best mechanism to test it automatically.

Steps to follow

The TAST solution proposes a roadmap with four easy steps to automate your test processes, from the conceptual stage to the final test results.



  • Accelerates testing processes
  • Greater number of tests carried out
  • Higher quality of results
  • Performs more complex tests
  • Improves testing efficiency
  • Tests are defined only once, then reused
  • Fewer errors than manual tests
  • Cost savings


  • Individual test execution
  • Execution of multiplatform test cases
  • Mixed formula, complements automation with manual tests

Why you should choose us?

+30 years of experience

More than 30 years of experience

Personalized service

Personalized service

Adaptation to the technological demands of the business

Adaptation to the technological demands of the business

Commitment to our clients

Commitment to our clients

Who is TAST designed for?

TAST has been analyzed, designed, developed, implemented, and managed using agile methodologies such as Scrum or DevOps. Therefore, TAST is extensible and adaptable to the needs of any client and the specifications of their environment.

The automation of software testing is related to high costs, but at SIPSA we want to bring digital transformation closer to all types of companies. It does not matter if your company is small or large, public or private, TAST adapts to the specific needs of each Project.

We appreciate the trust you have placed in us, regardless of the size of the company, and we adapt our testing automation services to your real needs.


“We’ve already used it on three contract testings. Therefore I can give the following feedback:
Test automation has allowed us to get the requested test cases or more test cases faster in less time. We were also able to request more test cases at short notice. We only had to define the specification of the test cases once, for further contract testing we could reuse the existing specifications. All in all, this also showed a lower susceptibility to errors than with a manual system”.
Karina Grünhage, CARDS & ACCOUNTS

“TAST is supporting our test activities in two ways: We have less effort and a higher quality in our tests
We are now able to define a bucket of standard cases to be done for each change in Tallyman. Until now, effort for manual test has been to high to do a full regression test. TAST is also supporting to overtake some other manual steps, which are not related to testing. We can now e.g. do an automated re-segmentation of accounts in Tallyman.”

Christoph Jung, CBU

“Test Automation is a new milestone in the process of establishing agile working in the bank. It massively reduces the time to perform manual tests or prepare test data, and is therefore a huge benefit for projects and software developments.”

Andre Breugelmanns , Car Leasing

“A little feedback on the automation of the test cases in the context of Gudula and Pricing: Good, friendly cooperation, great time savings, ad hoc contracts could be generated at short notice, contract contents correct, since less error-prone through automation, relief in sales and product management, test cases only have to be requested once and everything else runs automatically, it is possible to test more contract constellations.

Many thanks again and I/we are looking forward to the next cooperation, at the latest again in November Release”.

Katharina Ebauer, Marketing

The Santander online offering is a key face to our client. Seamless  availability of the Online Broker and Securities Trading Services is a basic requirement of clients and a must in moving markets situations.

Therefore a reliable, automatic and timely monitoring of the Infrastructure and application and a automated incident process is key for our success. A real time and fully automated monitoring will ensure the benefits we need in this respect.

Hans-Georg Herrmann , Investment

Process automation makes sense for process with nearly the same single steps and for creating new test data constellations.

Susanne Erberich , Customer Care Center

Our clients


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