Because we want to ensure that all software applications are tested to achieve the quality that users demands.


By automating, making it easy to do, without the need for programming knowledge.


TAST is SIPSA’s cloud-based test automation platform that maximises automation throughout the testing process, from the end user’s perspective.


What is TAST?

Test Automation System Tool is a comprehensive cloud test automation framework that enables businesses to maximize their test automation across the complete testing process from an End User´s perspective. It is easy to use and its graphical interface defines the automated test cases across technological platforms.

What technologies does TAST automate

Types of tests you can automate with TAST

Best for

Clients testimonials

As a manager of a program with a huge number of applications and products to integrate, TAST is a key element to achieve the needed time to market, thanks to the continuous and massive regression tests that we can perform

Amaya Riloba, Santander Consumer Bank

“TAST enables us to fulfil our time to Market obligationsto design the necessary Test Cases and execute them in a timely manner so as to have a continuous and fast delivery of new SW

David Krivec, TAST Bussines Owner

Business Driven Development is a technique that we implemented in our Agile DevOps teams, enabled by TAST”

Rudolf Müller, Santander Consumer Bank

In the CI / CD process, the use of TAST helps us to certify the correct integration of the new functionalities with an early and automatic error detection

Javier Collado, Developer Team Lead

“TAST makes complex work simple

Esther Martínez, Tester

“TAST is an efficient and effective tool with a very friendly user interface

Jorge Arnaiz, Tester

Purchase options

Choose the one that best suits your needs.


For small business, start-ups or freelance testers:

  • Full access to TAST functionality and dedicated domain.
  • Personalised start-up support.
  • User admin service and project creation.
  • Maintenance and back-up service.


For large companies and with secure access to test systems:

  • Unlimited number of users.
  • Unlimited domain/projects.
  • Maintenance service and product roadmap.
  • Maintenance and back-up service.

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